John Frye signs contract to turn Drexel into amusement park

In a (not so shocking) turn of events, Drexel University President John Frye has signed a contract with the United States Construction corporation to turn the University City campus of Drexel into a themed amusement park, supposedly the largest and most theatrical amusement park in the Northeast United States. 

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The “Drexel” games, the fight to the death for scholarship

In a move that has left the academic community stunned (and slightly concerned), Drexel University announced last Friday their newest innovative venture to alleviate the growing burden of student debt amongst Drexel students: the Drexel Games. According to a statement put out by the University, the Drexel Games is modeled after a very famous piece […]

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The magnificent shaft: Drexel’s newest mascot

Strolling down 33rd Street, you are met with the refreshing sound of honking cars, the sight of cumbersome skyscrapers and nauseatingly delicious smells of halal. As you become immersed in these beloved city charms, you almost forget about your pathetic life as a Drexel University student until you encounter the dreaded beast on the corner […]