Anna Wintour Farm web

Photo Courtesy of Riccardo Avedon

2016 has been quite the year for upsets in the fashion industry. With Raf Simons departure at Dior and Alber Elbaz’s exit from Lanvin, we could sense another fashion legend would soon be exiting the spotlight. However, we did not at all anticipate the departure of such a great icon, the one and only Anna Wintour.

Wintour announced March 29 that she would be leaving the magazine she called home to pursue other interests like community barn raising, pig tying, and competitive distance-spitting. Her colleagues and the public were in complete shock as the modest legend addressed her departure at a conference, wearing a faux fur jumpsuit and a sequined cowboy hat, and told us all she would be leaving her beloved city of New York to move to Wyoming to start her own farm. She spoke briefly to the press saying, “Country life has always been a passion of mine, though I was never able to peruse it. I feel as if now is the right time to step down from my position and begin a new chapter in my life.”

Wintour’s publicist spoke about the new venture and what we can expect. From the information she gave, we can presume this will be a traditional family farm with seasonal pickings, a corn maze in the shape of Karl Lagerfeld, and hay rides pulled by a vintage tractor. However, as an upgrade from the average farm, Wintour’s will offer solid pathways to make it stiletto friendly. We can hardly image Wintour in overalls and a flannel, but we’re sure she’ll still look fashionable.