Drexel University’s hottest Friday-night spot on campus is French Fry, located underneath of what remains of the James E. Marks Intercultural Center. To ge there you must dig through the rubble until you find an exact replica of the hatch from “Lost,” knock three times and then you’ll be greeted by the bouncer, a surly Frenchman who bears an eerie resemblance to Drexel University President Juan Fry. The password, if asked, is “wooder.” Be sure to use your inside voice as to not wake the ghosts of the nondenominational spirits that still haunt the grounds.

Drexel’s hottest hangout spot on campus is “Swipe Left.” The name is an homage to the time spent on Tinder by many a Drexel student. Located in a pup tent on top of the parking garage on 34th Street, the cover charge is two Hans meal swipes. Come for the lukewarm Currito smoothies, stay for the close-knit environment created by having so many people inside of a single pup tent.

Drexel’s hottest new music venue on campus is Pee Dubs. Not to be confused with the popular pizza parlor, Pee Dubs is located in an old-timey bathroom deep within Curtis Hall. Only people in pairs of two will be admitted as the bouncer, Noah, is very particular. Featured acts include: Magenta 4 (a Maroon 5 cover band, but only their early stuff), All Whitey Then (White Stripes cover band, but they really only know “Seven Nation Army”) and Modern Baseball.

Drexel’s hottest new food spot on campus is 5:18. Located inside of the 5:18 Drexel Shuttle departing from 19th and Arch Streets, you will need a Drexel ID to get in, or you can pay the driver with a box of frozen Thin Mints. Returning to action after a brief hiatus caused by a kitchen fire, 5:18 is the best way to get some just all-right food while you’re heading home from co-op. Hard to pass up bus fare like this.

Drexel’s newest hottest spot on campus is The Shaft. Located in a little-known abandoned platinum mine that can only be accessed by rubbing the pinkie toe of that one statue in Main Building everyone is always feeling up for good luck. The Shaft is great if you are looking to get a little wasted on a Tuesday around mid-afternoon. The entrance is guarded by a dragon who is dressed up like the video game character Mario. He will only admit students who, while confidently one-strapping a backpack, can describe a recent instance of Drexel screwing them over. Come for the seemingly limitless amount of Franzia, stay when you realize all the boxes are actually filled with Crunch Berries.