Photo courtesy of Pixabay

There are few artists in this world that will make a solid name for themselves in the fashion industry. In order to be a part of these few, you must have true visionary talent and an undeniable ability to create designs that people will rave about from season to season. We had the once in a lifetime opportunity to speak with one of these modern Michelangelos and got all the details of how they made their way to the top of the fashion pyramid and all of the exciting moments along the way.

Q: What inspired you to start designing clothes?

Duchess Meowington: Well, it all started one day when my owner dressed me in this hideous orange dress. From that day forth I vowed to never let myself be a victim of fashion crime again. Meow meow. During a little catnap I was taking, I had a vision and saw every human in the world coveting my creations. That night, I waited for my owner to fall asleep and escaped and started to make a name for meowself.

Q: How did you manage to start producing your line?

A: When I began, I found a bunch of stray dogs that needed some guidance. I opened up a small factory and paid them all in dog treats and they worked day and night to produce my pieces. Meow. We sent out packages with samples to every designer we could manage and that’s when the recognition started. I’m so thankful for my team and everyone who helped us along the way. All I can say is it’s such a privilege and I feel #blessed.

Q: Do you feel like you have to prove yourself more, being the only feline in the industry?

A: I think my ability speaks for itself. I don’t have to try any harder than the next designer. Meow. You can just look at my clothes and my runway presentations and my creative genius shines through.

Q: You have a bit of a reputation for being somewhat sassy. How do you feel about this perception?

A: People can think whatever they want about me. I’ve had to paw my way from nothing when most of these designers have had help along the way so I don’t think having a little cattitude is a problem. People know not to start any catfights with me.

Q: What are a few of your favorite trends?

A: I love tassels and fringe. Not only do they bring an element of effortlessness, but they are also super fun to play with. I am also a fan of fur, but faux fur of course. I love it so much because you can be constantly comfortable which it makes it so easy to curl up and take a nap anytime, anywhere.

Q: What are your plans for future designs?

A: Well I don’t want to reveal too much right meow, but we’ll be expanding into clothing and accessories for fashion-forward animals. It’s a super exciting venture we’re looking forward to undertaking and we hope it will be well received by our consumers.

Q: Who is your ultimate icon?

A: I draw a lot of my catspiration from Olivia Benson, Taylor Swift’s cat. She’s effortlessly purrfect and I think every cat can take a lesson or two from her. Olivia always keeps it simple and her accessory, Taylor, is always styled amazingly. The only way to describe them is #goals.

Q: Is there a message you’d like to give to the cats struggling with unfashionable owners?

A: Be brave, this won’t be purrmenent. Meow meow meow meowww. Meow meow meow.

Duchess Meowington doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon and has a bright future ahead of her. Her story is one to inspire generations of budding designers to come. As she left the interview, tail swaying behind her, one couldn’t help but feeling as if they had just met with royalty.