So, Urban Outfitters was selling these flower crowns and I thought, “Hey, these can’t be that hard to make!” From what I can tell, it’s just some fake flowers on a headband. Once I bought all of the materials, though, I realized that it cost more than the one I saw in the store. Whatever, we’re sticking it to the man! I was also really not into studying for my art history final, so here’s a tutorial I wrote up on how to make a flower crown for yourself.

Things I think you might need:
Pipe cleaner
Fake flowers
Hot glue or Elmer’s glue because I don’t know which one will work best
Wire cutters because I just tried the scissors and they didn’t really work
A nap

Okay, so first I’m just going to wrap this pipe cleaner around my head to measure it. I think this fits; it looks like it fits, right? Next, cut off the stems from your flowers. I tried doing that with scissors but there’s wire in the stems so it just jacked up my scissor blades. Run into your garage and find a pair of your dad’s wire cutters to use instead. Then, lay out your assortment of adhesive products. I started using hot glue but it stuck to my hands and burnt all of my fingertips, so now I’m just using Elmer’s school glue. This doesn’t seem as secure, so just to be safe, I’m going to wrap the flowers in tape. Oh crap, now you can see the tape, so try to cover it with some green string. Try it on! I think a flower fell off already. You can’t tell, right?