Chez Hans makes for an unforgettable dining experience. With its napkins made of Egyptian cotton and its sharply dressed staff, it gives off the impression of a traditional, regal establishment. However, the restaurant prides itself on its postmodern atmosphere.

For example, no reservations are necessary. Every Wednesday, a local band plays. There is also a biweekly poetry slam on Sundays. On nights without entertainment, there are often specials exclusive to the visiting chefs.

Yes, visiting chefs. Chez Hans welcomes professionals from all over the globe, hoping to spread their culinary influence to a new crowd. Indeed, many of the successful guests have set up shop, so to speak, in the area, though none have matched their patron in quality.

The food rivals that of Steven Starr, Le Bec-Fin and Vetri. All of the food is of the highest quality ingredients and freshly stocked. The cuisine available varies from pasta hand-made by Italian expatriates, to filet mignon, to zucchini, to mushrooms. It also is extremely pleasing to the eye; the staff has a system in which different dishes are placed on different color plates. My personal favorite, the chicken cordon bleu, simply explodes in one’s mouth. Appetizers vary with the seasons, but in the spring Chez Hans offers bruschetta, caviar and spanakopita.

For the meat-lover, Chez Hans is heaven on earth. Standards include cotoletta, back fin of crabs, foie gras and gravlax. The restaurant is also renowned for its vegetarian and vegan menus. Featured are the gratin, the radish salad and the broiled onions.

The desserts, quite simply, are to die for. In my visits, I have had banana pudding, the Baked Alaska, apple strudel, key lime pie, rhubarb tart and almond jelly.

Of course, all of these offerings are offset by a variety of alcoholic beverages available for the discerning palate’s enjoyment. I personally like the abboccato offerings, but I have heard others gush about the Armagnac and the grappa.

The lighting conveys a somber atmosphere fit for the locale. The building’s size creates an intimate setting perfect for dates: you feel like you are in your own little world. The servers are polite without being self-effacing, and service is incredibly prompt. The walls are decorated with pictures of celebrities and public figures who have visited. These customers range from Bill Clinton to Oprah.

Chez Hans is truly a diamond in the rough. My sister was in town visiting about three years ago, and our then-favorite restaurant was closed for renovations. Driving around, we happened upon a charming road that was marked by a sign that said, “Chez Hans.” After driving for five minutes through the trees, we arrived at the restaurant, thus beginning my food affair with this fine establishment.

It is truly a shame that this restaurant is not more well-known. I can take or leave your usual, run-of-the-mill dining options, but Chez Hans has a bright future ahead of it. With plans to open up a sister restaurant next summer in Media, Pa., I have high hopes for its continued success.