On March 14, Drexel University President John Frye released a statement addressing recent student concerns regarding his revenue. This message was sent to the Drexel community following a report of President Frye’s salary on Feb. 16. 

“I am pained that many students have expressed their views that I am unworthy of $2 million each year,” stated President John Frye. “I want to be transparent and justify that all of the money is dedicated to making sure I can be the best university president Drexel has ever seen.”

Included in the message is an itemized list of receipts President Frye has personally made to “benefit Drexel’s reputation and [his] superiority as a president.”

The list includes the following items and reasons for purchases, according to President Frye:

Students on campus have mixed feelings about President Frye’s message. Some admire his transparency and willingness to devote himself to the Drexel community. 

“He’s so real,” said a fifth-year business student. “If everyone sees that our president is always decked out, they’ll be dying to come here. He’s actually a really good businessman.” 

On the other hand, some students expressed outrage over President Frye’s spending habits.

“I can barely afford groceries after being paid $10 an hour at Drexel while Frye is spending millions of dollars on a whim,” said a third-year biology student. 

President Frye concluded his message by saying, “I invite the Drexel community to join me in my pursuit of excellence.”