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Photo Courtesy Tilly Roseee

The American edition of Vogue magazine announced March 30 that North West will be serving as contributing editor to the magazine, effective immediately. As the first child of America’s most respected couple Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, the 2-year old will be in charge of styling and editing a number of editorial shoots before they are published.

This is not the first time a Kardashian has covered Vogue. West’s parents sparked controversy when they were featured in the April 2014 issue, and West’s aunt Kendall Jenner has been featured in numerous editorial shoots over the past few years.  

Anna Wintour believes West would be a great addition to the Vogue team since “[she] adds a young flair to Vogue! West is, without a doubt, America’s royal baby. She’s incredibly talented and has a great eye.” In addition, Wintour also believes West would bring a new, younger demographic to the magazine.

As contributing editor, West will be joining other highly respected Vogue editors in the masthead including Tonne Goodman and Phyllis Posnick, who have both reshaped the fashion industry by creating beautiful editorial images for the magazine. With West’s youthful eye, she will be in charge of working with the Vogue team and coming up with new inspiration and stories to shoot.

To make sure West’s thoughts and opinions are clearly articulated, Kim Kardashian has hired Frederic Diaconu, a translator who specializes in understanding young toddler’s speech codes, linguistics and body languages. The Vogue team believes Diaconu will help them fully understand West’s thoughts and critiques on the editorial shoots.

The first editorial shoot West will direct is to be published in the September issue, the biggest and most important issue for the magazine.