McCollab_webAfter Creative Director Jeremy Scott’s debut collection featuring McDonald’s inspired purses, apparel, and yes, iPhone French Fry cases, America’s favorite fast food employees have been lashing out at Moschino.

Claiming that the collection was a mockery of minimum wage workers, McEmployees demanded that Moschino formally apologize to each of them. After shots were fired, the entire fashion industry held its breath, expecting a war to finally break out between the workers and fashion elite. What the public was not prepared for was a partnership between the Italian fashion house and original American dream.

Scott’s cheeky fall-winter collection was actually created to pay homage to Mickey D’s, in hopes that a partnership would be born. As the two companies join together, Scott admitted that he had been pursuing the Golden Arches even before joining Moschino.

Much more than a short-term project, McDonald’s CEO Donald Thompson revealed that Moschino will inspire new menu items and all employees will be required to wear the McDonald’s inspired runway looks as their new official uniforms. In return, Moschino eagerly agreed to an unlimited supply of greasy French fries, “chicken” McNuggets and any other McDelicacy that the Golden Arches provide.

“Because America’s fast food industry is obviously number one in the world, I knew that this was exactly the direction that I wanted to take Moschino next. Not only will we be nutritiously fueled and giving back to the fast food community, I also know that this was the ultimate vision of Franco Moschino. I’m lovin’ it,” Scott said.

Looking ahead, Scott and Thompson are collaborating for Moschino’s spring-summer collection that will draw inspiration from the beloved Dollar Menu. As for their fast food counterpart, Thompson also dropped hints that the chain may begin selling more than just McWraps and Happy Meals.