Montgomeryville denizen and hardcore hipster JC Oakley reportedly heard the song “Seeing Stars” inside a Forever 21 store. She was in the store scoffing at the clothing selection, which is “just so basic it’s ridiculous”, when she heard the indie rock jam through her headphones. “I was listening to the new Frankie Cosmos song on Tidal, when suddenly I was overcome with the feeling that there was an actual good song being played somewhere within a mile radius,” Oakley recalled.

Sure enough, the BORNS song was being played through the store’s radio. After pausing momentarily to consider whether BORNS had gone mainstream, she decided it was a respectable song selection.

“That song isn’t even on their new album,” Oakley further explained. The band independently released “Seeing Stars” in 2014 on their EP “Candy.” “I couldn’t really get into their new album, but I love their old stuff.” Hearing the “deep track” in the Montgomeryville Mall Forever 21 allegedly restored her faith in humanity. “I mean, it’s no Animal Collective, but it’s better than that ‘Britney Spears’ on the radio,” Oakley conceded.

“I’m huge into cassettes these days,” she added, unprompted.

When asked who her favorite artist is, she quipped, “It’s hard to say, you know, because I listen to pretty much everything. If I had to choose though, I would have to say 311.”