Photo Courtesy of Werq Betch

Photo Courtesy of Werq Betch

Spring is the perfect season for a fresh start. After you have spring-cleaned your makeup collection, make sure to add these new products to your lineup. They are all affordable and easy to use.

If nothing else on your face is looking its best, your brows should always be on fleek. This spring, the best product you can use for your brows is definitely a Sharpie marker! Forget about fussing with powders and don’t even bother trying to master gels and pomades. Sharpies are super long lasting, water and sweat proof, and they cost less than $5. The biggest pro of Sharpies is the color range. Say you wake up one day and decide you want your brows to match your hot pink shoes. Not a problem! A Sharpie is your go-to!

Head to your local art supply store for the best eyeshadow money can buy. Charcoal puts all existing eye shadows to shame. It’s easy to blend, which helps you effortlessly achieve the perfect smoky eye. You can use your fingers to blend out the shadow, as the no-brush-necessary-product allows you to precisely apply the smoky effect in all the right places. It’s also beginner friendly!

Melted chocolate is the greatest product you can use to contour your face. Sculpt and define your cheekbones all while smelling like a delicious brownie. To set your contour, use cocoa powder and chisel your way to an instantly gorgeous model look. Together, melted chocolate and cocoa powder look completely natural, so you won’t have to worry about your face looking dirty.

We can’t talk about contouring without mentioning highlighter. To make sure your highlight doesn’t go unnoticed, the two products you need are glitter and a glue stick. Simply swipe or dab the glue stick on the highest point of your cheekbones, then pack on the glitter. You can never use too much highlighter; so go crazy by adding layers. Use gold glitter for a sun kissed glow and silver for a shimmery touch.

If you can’t seem to find the perfect lip color for spring, it’s probably because you’ve been looking in the wrong place. The hottest lip product can’t be found on the shelves of beauty supply stores; instead, you can find it on the shelves of your kitchen cabinet. Kool-Aid has proven to be a multipurpose product. It can be a refreshing drink, a dye for your hair, and now lipstick! Simply choose any flavor, put it into a cup of water, and soak your lips. Add more for a bolder lip, or soak your lips for only five minutes for a more natural pout.

New seasons mean new trends. There’s no doubt these products will quickly become your favorites. Say goodbye to your boring makeup routine and hello to your best look yet.