Forget longtime favorite trends such as crocs, fanny packs and Starbucks cups, the newest fad (and definitely an instant classic) is the baby! This must have accessory of 2015 appeared all over Fashion Week on and off the runway. After seeing so many fashionable babies off the runway, Dolce & Gabbana finally took the plunge and debuted this game-changing trend at its Milan Fashion Week show. The models demonstrated the genius ways to style this accessory, from carrying them to walking hand in hand with them. Although heavier, and definitely a tad more high-maintenance than the average accessory, babies are worth the extra labor because they are easily customizable and complement every outfit.

As with most trends, businesses are jumping to be the first to make a big profit as it becomes more popular. Most notably, the company Bumpin’ Baby Borrowers has met this baby fever in the fashion market. Instead of waiting the typical nine months to have one of your own, you can jump on this trend right now by just borrowing one for a day! The website instantly connects families with babies with fashionable customers. Currently the BBB site allows parents with babies aged six months until 4 years old to apply. Each baby can set up a profile where past customers can post up their fabulous #OOTD photos and reviews. Reviews range from commenting on the behavior of the baby to the ease of styling that particular baby. Parents or guardians can post up as many photos in order to show their child’s fashion versatility. Customers can filter through profiles by age, gender and availability. Babies can be borrowed for an entire day (well, up to a maximum of seven hours) and for special events. Customers can then view any pictures or social media posts that the baby has been featured in to gain inspiration on how to style their new accessory.

With enough time, babies can work their way up to becoming full-time BBB members until the age cutoff of four years old. Parents have reviewed this website saying, “I love BBB. It allows our little two-year-old girl, Orange, to explore different styles, network with important people and learn how to fully express herself through clothing. Plus, it will be a great addition to her resume!” Other parents have commented that BBB is becoming the new personalized daycare and babysitting system. One mother says, “No offense, but the average daycare is full of so many #basic babies, and I just want my precious Purple Fern to be surrounded by the best.”

At the moment, only celebrities and popular fashion bloggers have access to the website, but there are plans to expand to full public use within the next week. Instead of coveting Kim Kardashian’s accessory North West, or wishing you had your own Aila Wang to dress, get ready to turn heads when BBB launches a new feature to match customers with babies by geographic location. BBB vans are available for pickup and delivery for an extra fee, but make the transaction smooth and easy. The website boasts that babies can be delivered as fast 15 minutes depending on location.

While waiting for the launch, we scrolled through Instagram hashtags #fashionbaby, #childstyle and #kidzootd for inspiration on how to style this must-have. Each accessory is different depending on the age and must be dressed accordingly. Babies under a year can be carried in the classic tradition with both arms, or held similar to a clutch with one arm. The clutch position is great for showing off cute hair pieces and baby hats, while the traditional position can show off more of the whole outfit. For toddlers, we recommend dressing them as an adorable mini-me.

Can’t wait an entire week? Be the trendsetter that you are and try borrowing the baby of a relative or friend. This trend is both easy to pull off and versatile whether you are going for a bohemian, punk, or ‘90s grunge look. Tips from the BBB website for rocking this new accessory flawlessly include keeping baby snacks in your purse, as well as some (patterned) duct tape for the really difficult ones. With enough practice, you will be fashionista that everyone envies and wishes they were.