Kanye West – April 1 at the Creese Student Center Lobby

Rapper Kanye West will be performing an intimate show in the Creese Student Center Lobby Friday, April 1 at 10:37 pm. West is expected to play songs from his latest album “The Life of Pablo,” which solely exists on the maligned streaming platform Tidal. When asked by the Rectangle why he chose the lobby of a Drexel University building for his first concert performance of this tour, West said, “I was just sick of all the hype man. All the fans bugging me about this tour. Why wouldn’t the greatest rap artist of all time play a one-off show in a student center lobby that will surely be deserted on a Friday night? It’s a secret show. I’m only announcing it here. You and I both know there’s only like four readers of this publication. Counting me.” Make sure to hide somewhere in Creese ahead of time: the building closes at 10 pm.


The National – April 2 at Court Five of the Kline and Specter Squash Center

The incredible alternative dad rock band the National will be gracing Drexel University with their presence and a performance at 6:22 pm on April 2. The band is rumored to be working on new material that they might debut during this intimate show in Squash Court Number Five. When contacted for comment by the Rectangle, lead singer Matt Berninger said, “It’s a great opportunity for our band to play such an intimate venue… that isn’t even a venue at all, now that I think about it. When our manager first said that we were booked for this gig, I was a bit pissed off. But after learning about Drexel a bit more, I can’t think of a place whose students can best appreciate the sad-ass, melancholy-as-shit songs that we play. Really looking forward to it.” Make sure to wear white soled sneakers to the show in order to protect the courts. Shoe rentals are available at the DAC.


Kendrick Lamar – April 5 at the Main Building Roof

Critically-acclaimed and Grammy-winning rapper Kendrick Lamar will be playing on the roof of the Main Building April 5 at 8:16 pm sharp. With his latest album, “untitled unmastered,” Lamar showed the world that people will listen to literally anything, even if it’s not made to sound nice with the magic music computers they use nowadays. When reached for comment about the show Lamar said, “So much of my music is about the oppression that African American people have faced. But after hearing about what goes down at Drexel University, I might have enough sorrow and downtrodden stories from these kids to write my next three albums. Like damn, dude.” It is a bit tricky to get on the roof of Main Building so just ask one of your cool friends who has been up there before.


Nicki Minaj – April 6 at Lebow Collaboration Room 220

Nicki Minaj will be playing to an audience of about seven or eight people in Lebow Collaboration Room 220 April 6 at 10:11 am. Be sure to get there early for this exclusive matinee performance. Nicki just happens to be in town to catch a Sixers game and visit her boyfriend Meek Mill who is under house arrest for being bad at rap or something. That’s what I heard at least. Minaj will be bringing the “Superbass” to this one random collaboration room so make sure to check your email to see if your email was used to book this bad boy so you can get the secret password.


Modern Baseball – April 7 in a Curtis Hall Bathroom

Former Drexel students make up Modern Baseball who will be playing in a Curtis Hall Bathroom at some point in the day April 7. Feel free to check ‘em out; I sure won’t.