Finally gets what he deserves, am I right? (Photo Courtesy David Akers)

What a shit eating grin he has. (Photo Courtesy David Akers)

What a time to be alive if you’re a Philadelphia 76ers fan. The team has been so bad that theyhave actually been interesting to watch. On a nightly basis we, the fans, have the unique opportunity to see if the Sixers will surpass 90 points. Papa John’s just had to take advantage of the marketing possibilities the Sixers could offer. Papa now offers a promotion for their pizzas when the Sixers score a whopping 90 points.

Clearly, there are many men we should be thanking for the accomplishments of the Sixers over the past few years. One man, however, stands out, truly worthy of our praise: Sam Hinkie. This GM is perhaps one of the most brilliant minds in the sport of basketball. His brilliance in assembling tanking teams is something no other GM has ever been able to come close to. I mean, how many teams lose the way the Sixers do?

There have been reports that the Sixers’ front office is beginning to be wary of Sam Hinkie. They believe that he has simply not produced as to what they were expecting. To this I ask, what do you want? Sam Hinkie has done a great job in drafting players that won’t even play for the team. He selected point guard Michael Carter-Williams who was traded quickly to the Milwaukee Bucks. Hinkie drafted Dario Saric, a wonderful small forward who hasn’t even stepped foot on an NBA basketball court. Last but not least, how can we forget the great Joel Embiid, a big, strong center who has dealt with foot injuries for the past two seasons and has yet to play a game in the NBA.

Hinkie is trading and making moves in order to gain assets. This is his master plan. The team that continues to gain assets is a team that isn’t winning. This is clearly the key to Hinkie’s success. The players on the roster are not what creates a great team. To have a great team you have to have assets. These assets do nothing to win games, but they do everything to guarantee the future is bright. If you are Sam Hinkie you always make the future look bright, while making the present dreadful and miserable; this is the key.

Sixers fans are lucky to have a guy like Sam Hinkie on their side. In this upcoming draft, watch Hinkie work his magic. The Sixers have four first round draft picks for the 2016 draft. How will you know if Hinkie does a good job? It’s obvious really. If he can manage to pick players who will most likely last one year on the team, and then be traded away for better assets, then you know Hinkie did what he does best. Thank you Sam Hinkie, you have made the future of Sixers basketball brighter than the sun. The present is looking worse and worse, but at least the future is protected.