This is a man in a costume, not a real dragon. Do not be alarmed.

This is a man in a costume, not a real dragon. Do not be alarmed.

Instead of revolting against Drexel’s mediocrity in athletics, University officials have decided to embrace it with their new slogan: “You win some, you lose some.”

After one season of rolling with “I am a Dragon,” Athletic Director Dr. Zeric Willmer decided to scrap it and ask Drexel students to submit their own ideas. Pre-junior psychology major Lisa Preston came up with her submission after trying to think of a basic and realistic rallying cry.

“Too many times in sports the teams sugarcoat their results,” Preston said. “My theory is that the athletes will be more satisfied if they are honest with themselves and accept that, in the end, winning and losing are both possible.”

After reading through an undisclosed number of submitted slogans — sources say there were at least two — Willmer stumbled upon “You win some, you lose some” and immediately fell in love with it.

“‘I am a Dragon’ was nice, but the reality is that our athletes aren’t Dragons,” Willmer said. “This is a more grounded motto that will appeal to every single one of our coaches, players and teams; it’s truly all-encompassing.”

All of Drexel’s 18 athletic teams have won some and lost some this past season. The men’s lacrosse team won some and lost some. The women’s tennis team won some and lost some. Hell, even the field hockey team won some and lost some.

“We made it pretty far this season,” field hockey head coach Precious Stelezak said. “I have no doubt that our ability to win some and lose some got us in that position.”

Some may think that it’s a little too simplistic, and maybe even a bit depressing, but there’s no doubt that a school-sponsored mindset of mediocrity will inspire more winning and losing.

“Michael Jordan is one of my heroes, and he was one of the best in history at winning some and losing some,” redshirt junior men’s basketball shooting guard Fabian Leeburg said. “As an athlete, fans who expect us to win them all are just as irresponsible as those who expect us to lose them all.”

Speaking of the fans, the DAC Pack is expected to embrace Drexel’s new motto and take it in stride. There are reports that the rowdy student section will be much less involved during close games, when the difference between winning and losing is especially slim.

There is no word about how this new slogan will apply to sports where ties come into play.