Finally gets what he deserves, am I right? (Photo Courtesy David Akers)

Finally gets what he deserves, am I right? (Photo Courtesy David Akers)

Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie is known for his ability to make a splash in the NBA trade market. Usually, that’s a good thing. On March 16, however, Sam Hinkie’s wheeling and dealing finally caught up to him.

In light of new testimony, a judgment has been handed down to the oft-hated general manager that has banned him from Craigslist, yard sales and farmer’s markets throughout the Philadelphia area. It’s a truly stunning verdict, one with little precedent in the legal world.

A source tells The Rectangle that upwards of 50 people came forward to testify against Hinkie in court for his gross misdoings.

Rumors had been swirling throughout NBA circles that a big move was coming on the part of
Philadelphia judges.

Adrian Wojnarowski, of Yahoo Sports, tweeted Sunday night, “Yahoo sources: Philadelphia judges set to make decision on Sam Hinkie’s future in the area.” Speculation swirled following that tweet, with writers citing sources reporting varying outcomes, including forcing a forfeiture of Hinkie’s massive stockpile of second-round draft picks.

The actual result was much harsher on the young general manager.

Our source inside the courtroom said the reason for the decision was mostly due to the testimony of a young girl, age 8. During the trial, Jenny only managed to get through the following statement while fighting back tears.

“It was … just so, so, fast. I was selling lemonade at our [her family’s] yard sale, when the smiling man [Sam Hinkie] walked up and started talking to me. He asked about school and if I liked basketball, and then we started talking about lemonade.”

She went on to say that through their discussion, she realized that she didn’t even want lemonade or money. She then traded her profits and her lemonade to Sam Hinkie for a Michael Carter-Williams rookie card and a heavily protected 2017 second round pick, unlikely to be conveyed.

“It, it was like I was hypnotized! I just couldn’t say no. I don’t even want this Michael Carter-Williams card. I mean, do we really believe he’s going to just develop the ability to shoot? Even with Jason Kidd as a coach?”
she said.

It’s a truly horrifying story, one that definitely swayed the opinions of jurors in the courtroom.

Another young woman came forward at the advice of her lawyer when she heard other people had stepped forward against Hinkie’s reign
of terror.

Her story takes place on Craigslist, a website used for selling and trading items online.

Last June, when she listed her used car on the website hoping to find a fair deal for it. The car, a 1999 Toyota Camry, has a Kelley Blue Book value of $1800. She sold it to Sam Hinkie for the rights to Chukwudiebere “ChuChu” Maduabum. That’s all she got in return for her only form of transportation, a Nigerian player who has never played an NBA minute.

In light of the seemingly one-sided trade, her friends and family as well as members of the media started to wonder just when her life rebuilding project would end. Two years? Five?

That’s yet to be seen, but Hinkie taking advantage of the young woman certainly didn’t help her get back on track, and seems to have set her back years in her rebuild.

With these stories and countless others, the judge and jury had to make a big move to stop the madness, and they did. Let’s hope that this is the end of the terror for Philadelphia area deal-makers, and just hope that Sam Hinkie has mercy on NBA general managers going forward.