The King is coming to Philly. The one and only LeBron James has decided that he will be joining the Philadelphia 76ers next season (Photograph by Marci Goldbloom for The Rectangle).

After an entire year with the Los Angeles Lakers, it looks like LeBron James is finally tired of their failure and has decided to come to his one true home: Philadelphia. The Sixers are welcoming him with open arms and open wallets, as it will take a lot of money to pleasure King James.

Fans are wary of inviting him when the team is doing so well, but as it turns out, money is all both LeBron and the Lakers wanted. The Sixers just sent a boatload of cash to both of them and they are all now happy.

LeBron’s original unhappiness came from when he picked the Lakers over the Sixers. He knew deep down that Philly was his home, and there was nothing stopping him from getting here. Of course, the players at the Lakers helped him make his decision. Lonzo Ball, a star rookie who has taken over the media, really got on his nerves due to Lonzo’s wonderful father, LaVar Ball.

As a mediocre professional sports player in both basketball and football, he boasted about his skills as well as his kids. He reached his peak level of annoyance when he and his family got their own reality television show, which enable him to broadcast his thoughts to everyone. He apparently even went on to say that he was a better player than Michael Jordan and that Lonzo could beat Stephen Curry.

Irrespective of the degree of truth behind these comments, LaVar had freakish thoughts and LeBron couldn’t handle that. In fact, when LeBron and LaVar played one-on-one, LeBron made him look so bad, that his son had to sub in for him, and even then, he couldn’t beat him. That was when LeBron knew this team was a lost cause. Even such a star as himself couldn’t get this team to become humble enough to win a championship.

But, do you blame LeBron? Look at the talent on that team. There is a reason that LeBron has spent a year there and hasn’t gotten any success. Better yet, how can morale be kept up when LeBron wanted to trade almost the entire team for one player: Karl-Anthony Towns. When it was seen that he was on the market, the Laker jumped at the occasion and sent them an offer of the entire team. LeBron was obviously the mastermind of that trade, and if he didn’t care for the existing players on there, why would they play with him? It makes more sense to play mediocrely and get paid than to actually try with a guy who doesn’t even want you on the team.

As for LeBron, due to the success of the Sixers, he may want to sit on the bench and wait this season out. Once Philly gets a ring, it doesn’t matter what happens. LeBron could lead to the team’s demise afterward, but that isn’t likely. He already vibed with the other players on the team and the fans would love a change. He would make a great addition to the organization and it is very hopeful for the future.