Oh, look. Another one. Unfortunately, this is not referencing a DJ Khaled quote, but instead we’re talking about shootings. School shootings to be exact.

The desensitization to school shootings has reached new heights. We seem to see it in the news, read about it online and hear people discussing it, yet we brush it off as another normal daily occurrence. School shootings have left us feeling unsafe within an institution that should be responsible for our safety as well as our education. In order to combat this problem, we need to arm each faculty member, professor, and student at Drexel with a gun. Genius, right? If every individual had a gun, regardless of their background, we could finally prevent more shootings from taking place and create an environment where everyone has peace of mind.

Spending all this time worrying about potential shootings distracts us from our work and studying. Drexel should be proactive and implement new, reformed rules in regards to students carrying guns so we can eliminate the fear we have about not being able to defend ourselves.

If the school cannot require all students and staff to carry the weapon, at least it can be strongly encouraged and emphasized. Allowing a tuition discount for students who openly bear arms could be a key incentive that a majority of students would take advantage of. And throwing in an extra scholarship for those that get out of the background check would help the plan come along faster.

Guns should be carried around as casually as cell phones. Sooner or later, they may even become accessories that people begin to carry around for the aesthetic  if they become as common as they should be. There is use for everyone depending on if they want to play the role of a police officer or they just want to have a pistol to show off for the ‘gram.

Arming each student may be a big change to adjust to, but we will quickly get used to it just as we have for most other things. Change has been an imperative part of our generation’s lives as we find ourselves accomodating to new technological advances and new rules and regulations being implemented. Change has challenged us before but integrating it within our lives was not difficult and it wouldn’t be an issue now either, especially if our safety is part of the conversation.

Besides, Drexel could sell these guns at the school bookstore to earn some serious bank. No background checks necessary; we don’t have time for that. They could also sell gun accessories at the bookstore, which would not only be a great economic decision, but also a great way to boost school spirit (“Drexel” engraved ammunition, anyone?).

Now, Drexel may not provide official training on how to utilize these weapons (there isn’t exactly an “Introduction to Guns” course), but at the end of the day, we were never given proper training on how to use a lot of things like laptops and phones. Surely it can’t be too hard to learn this we’re all smart, motivated students, so we’ll figure it out.

These weapons will force us to be responsible and take our safety into our own hands. If we want to live, essentially we need to learn how to use them. It takes survival of the fittest to a whole new level, giving us valuable out-of-the-classroom, hands-on experience. Cause that’s what Drexel is all about, right? We got co-ops and study abroad and career fairs and Steinbright. The only thing missing is guns.

The benefits don’t just end there. This overwhelming feeling of security may also take away the need for public safety. Every Drexel student would feel such relief knowing that they are their own security guard that there is no need to keep Public Safety around. Students have it all under control and Drexel could literally save so much money getting rid of those nosy people in yellow all over the block. Plus, this is also a great tactic to reduce phone usage. Drexel alerts would essentially be eradicated as there would be no more crime to report thus, less alerts and less times we happen to constantly check our phones as we did before from the repeated updates.

No area would be too dangerous, no neighborhood would be too sketchy and no person would be too intimidating. The possibilities are endless. The feeling of unity the entire student body would feel as they share the excitement of their new shiny gadgets would be just another perk of this initiative.

These guns have the potential to truly change campus life. No longer would we fear our lives when we walk home alone at night, no longer do we need to check the area of possible new apartments, and no longer do we need to avoid certain areas. The world is ours. Being one of the premier campuses to implement this rule would be a great learning experience and might even serve as a precedent for other campuses to follow. This idea would put a whole new connotation to the Drexel experience. Ambition can’t wait. And neither can guns!