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Let’s not lie: #Nolivesmatter

Apr. 1, 2016


I have heard the plebeians grumbling recently about some debate between the hashtags #blacklivesmatter and #alllivesmatter, with some arguing as to which better describes the state of different humans at this juncture.

How cute.

Once again, the sheeple of the world have herded together around a fire to force us all the sing “Kumbaya” and hold hands, blissfully ignoring the void of our inherently meaningless existences that lingers constantly at the edges of the seen and unseen. Too weak are their feeble minds to bear the endless suffering and pain that comes from looking straight into the Void and having it glare right back at you. To proclaim that any lives matter at all is a lie perpetuated by those too scared and weak to bear the truth.

In the year I attended college as a philosophy student before dropping out to reach a more true enlightenment, I read many sentences from pages of Wikipedia articles about the great works of Nietzsche. What I realized in those long minutes of study was that my schooling thus far would never allow me to produce new and meaningful quotes like his to one day be remembered by, and as such had been completely useless towards my goal of becoming famous for thinking profound thoughts.

I see these movements to be similar to my own experiences: yes, these impassioned individuals take to social media to push whatever agenda they like, but the ending will always been the same: the inevitable heat death of all known things. These “ethics” they discuss at length remind me that such an endeavor is a game to be played by children trying to impose order on an arbitrary universe. It’s no longer fun to watch neanderthals squabble between themselves over the irrelevant; I would be jealous of their ability to enjoy themselves in the face of obvious peril, but no true king would ever envy the common worker.

Education is a burden for only the strongest, an albatross to wear around your neck like that one guy from the famous something or other. In this existence, I am that guy. It is my knowledge of the True Darkness that pulls me apart from the crowd, yet ever closer to the edge of insanity. We are all alone, and the sooner the world is willing to accept that, the sooner these petty games will fall away and cease to be the pests they currently are.

Besides, if any life was to matter at all, it would surely be mine.