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A lot of hysteria has been going around the lamestream media lately with regard to President Donald Trump’s proposal for a renewed ban. I for one wholeheartedly support it, and think that the injunctions from several so-called judges are clear examples of judicial activism. Trump is making good on one of his campaign promises — a first step to Making America Great Again!

The fact is, a muslin ban is necessary to protect our national interests. We’ve got to have a country, folks — and how can we do that when strange new textiles are allowed to enter our nation without any vetting whatsoever? I’m not saying that all of it is bad, far from it, but it’s dangerous because we simply don’t know what the real percentage of cotton is.

What’s more, muslin importation is a burden on U.S. citizens. That’s a problem the claimstream media doesn’t report on. I know most Drexel students are from the city, but if you go to small towns in central Pennsylvania, you can see their whole way of life unraveling. The once-proud and independent nylon farmers are being laid off en masse and forced to go on welfare. People are losing their livelihood, and it’s one of the the worst tragedies in the history of the world.

And what did the Obama administration do about it? He laughed and he said “you didn’t build that!” You didn’t hear about it in the Husseinstream media. But Donald Trump is a dyed-in-the-wool businessman and he understands that they did build that. Cotton production and processing has always been the great economic thread tying our country together. In fact, many families have ancestors who immigrated to the United States to grow cotton. But they never converted it to muslin.

I know that the policy may seem drastic, but this is just a temporary measure so our government can figure out what the hell is going on. We need to set up a system of extreme vetting before we allow any more importation. Besides, the controversy is overblown: the blamestream media spun it into a “muslin ban,” but it’s really only a limit on importation from several muslin countries that are associated with ISIS, like Iraq.

The long-term plan is of course to allow a limited amount of muslin importation that’s been proven safe. If there’s too much at any one time, it won’t be able to thoroughly assimilate into the fabric of our society. Liberals always come out with that old yarn about diversity, but I’ll say it straight: diverse fabrics are an abomination unto God — it’s in the Bible, guys, look it up!

Muslin is already everywhere in America, I know. Some, I assume, is good — but none of it it’s not really American. The Founders never wore it, but European aristocrats did. Doesn’t that make the choice obvious? We need to stop this before it get any worse. After all, a stitch in time saves nine.