Drexel University is well-regarded for its rigorous, fast-paced academics, its extensive community involvement and service, and its worldwide cooperative education program. But Drexel recently placed extremely high on a brand new U.S. News Colleges Ranking — for Biggest College Campus Construction Projects.

Drexel’s landed in first place on the list for the numerous, never-ending, costly construction projects that have become a hallmark of the University City Campus. Detour signs, orange safety fencing and traffic barrels have all become staples of the university.

While many universities would shy away from this ranking, Drexel is different — Drexel honors it. After all, construction means investing in the future, according to President Daddy Fryz.

“The numerous construction projects underway across campus represent our commitment to improving campus infrastructure for our future students,” Fryz said. “At Drexel, our dedication to our future students trumps all else — even if that means making our current students late for classes, causing dangerous sidewalk and street conditions and compromising even the most basic necessities like relocating the Drexel shuttle.”

President Fryz believes the construction around campus should be celebrated. In addition, he has proposed that Drexel’s current colors — blue and yellow — be changed to orange and white to commemorate this distinguished honor.

“This ranking might be one of the most significant and meaningful awards our university has ever received, and we should be very proud,” Fryz said. “Changing Drexel’s colors to orange and white has been something I have wanted to do for a long time.”

However, orange and white are not the only changes President Fryz has planned.

“I am also working on a proposition to change our slogan, as well,” Fryz said. “It will read ‘Construction Can’t Wait,’ and will serve as a representation of our dedication to construction and to our future Drexel students.”