Drexel University’s Pi Kappa Alpha hosted a celebration for International Women’s Day on March 8. The fraternity, who lost their house for two years this past September, was granted a one- time exception by President John Frye to host the celebration at the vacant facility.

The fraternity, also referred to as Pike, publicized the event on social media and by hanging flyers in and outside of campus facilities. The flyers had a handful of scheduled activities to take place during the celebration.

The fraternity’s Women’s Day celebration activities were broken up into stations where attendees could pick and choose where to go. Some stations were labeled “Make-Me-A-Sandwich Simulator,” “House Wife Training,” “Provoking Catcalls: A Limited Edition Lesson” and “Women Are the Problem 101.”

The celebration ran from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. but no one attended the event. The Rectangle interviewed Pike fraternity brothers who wish to remain anonymous.

“We were all really excited for this celebration to happen, especially since our boy Johnny approved the event and got our house back for the day, yaknow? The boys even ordered a customized blue balls-shaped piñata with nothing in it to show women how we feel when they leave us hanging,” a Finance major associated with Pike said.

“I was put in charge of leading the ‘Secretary Lesson’ station for the females who want to go to work. It’s such a shame to see that not a single one came to get educated. You can tell that women are getting lazier each year,” another Lebow College of Business Pike member said.

Frye released a statement on March 9 in response to the backlash. “Yesterday (insert date), (insert a blurb of the event) occurred. I am saddened by (restate the event). My thoughts and prayers are with (choose one: victims/survivors/those affected),” the email read. Seconds after the release, the email was quickly removed from all student and faculty Outlook inboxes.

Reportedly, the Office of Student Life has been flooded with student complaints ever since the event occurred. It is also reported that many students have been eager to confront Frye face to face to question why he approved the event in the first place.

The university has not sent another email pertaining to the event and the Office of Student Life has yet to make a statement.