Skippy the Dog is a beloved dog who resides in a fraternity house at Drexel. A resident Rectangle reporter met with Skippy and was able to translate his answers.

Rectangle Rants: What’s your story? What brought you to Drexel?

Skippy the Dog: I used to live behind a giant glass wall with other animals. People would walk by and look at us, sometimes even play with us! Those days were special. Some of these people would take home my friends, and I never knew where they were going until someone took me home with them. The guy had weird shapes and letters on his shirt. I didn’t know what they meant until we got out of the car. We were on a street with giant houses that had matching letters. I assume the letters let the guys know which house they live at in case they ever forget or get lost — almost like my collar!

Photo Credit: Skippy the Dog

Photo Credit: Skippy the Dog

RR: What is your favorite thing to do with your owners?

SD: I love when the guys take me for a walk. The guys trained me so when I see a girl I try to get her to play with me. It never lasts long. The girl starts talking to whoever’s walking me, and I’m left to go sniff another dog’s poop by a tree.

RR: What is your living environment like?

SD: The house is really big! I get to spend all day going from room to room doing whatever I want, so I never get bored. It does get scary sometimes. The guys will bring in these giant metal cans and drink from them. I don’t know what’s in the cans, but after a while they start screaming and yelling at each other, doing fist pumps and flexing their muscles. It gets a little weird. They always have this music playing that has a bunch of “drops” in it. All the guys start throwing their fists in the air and jumping up and down. Once in a while they’ll pick me up and start throwing me to one another. At first I thought it was fun, but then one of them puked on me.

RR: What is your favorite human food?

SD: I’m not allowed to eat human food. But once in a while I’m able to steal food from the table when no one is looking. I love pasta night! It’s my favorite food. The sauce is great. It doesn’t seem that hard to make, a couple cans of sauce and noodles. I’m assuming it’s a Greek dish since everyone I see wearing letters is always talking about pasta nights.

RR: What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen?

SD: I’m not sure if this counts as weird, but when I first moved in I was in the upstairs hallway and I saw a guy take a girl into his room. I don’t know what they were doing; I heard them making odd sounds. After a while the girl left, and then eventually another one came in. And then she left, and another girl came in. This happens all the time, and the girls never see each other. One time three girls went in at once and then the noises were even louder! I think it’s rude when the guys don’t walk the girls home, especially if it’s dark outside, but they have letters on their shirts too, so I guess they know where they’re going.

RR: How do you think the Drexel community responds to Greek life?

SD: The guys seem to have a lot of friends, so I think they’re generally liked. I heard last year that TKE was named the Best Greek Organization at Drexel  for all of the nice things they do. I like that they treat their moms right and don’t make them do their dirty laundry. The girls definitely love going to TKE’s house. I always see tons of metal cans and girls going in and out of their house.

RR: What is your favorite play toy?

SD: I love to play with my bone. I just sit there and chew it all day. There’s a red ball, though. As soon as someone squeaks that, all my attention goes on it. It’s as if the ball has a spell on me or something, I can’t resist it. No matter how many times someone throws it, I still chase it.
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