Valentino presents Pasta Collection

A girl looks forward to her wedding day all her life: the day when she will be radiant and broke after caring for 300 drunken guests, but finally able to wear haute couture without getting roasted for it by her jealous cousins. Well, at least until the week after. Designers have generously contributed their efforts […]

DIY: Uber Hip Flower Crown

So, Urban Outfitters was selling these flower crowns and I thought, “Hey, these can’t be that hard to make!” From what I can tell, it’s just some fake flowers on a headband. Once I bought all of the materials, though, I realized that it cost more than the one I saw in the store. Whatever, […]

Fake It ’til You Make It

The fashion industry is a dark and mysterious world. Truth be told, there are too many blogs, designers and trends for a single person to comprehend. It is notorious for being the only industry where one day something is in and the next day it is out, making it impossible for the average brain to […]


After Creative Director Jeremy Scott’s debut collection featuring McDonald’s inspired purses, apparel, and yes, iPhone French Fry cases, America’s favorite fast food employees have been lashing out at Moschino. Claiming that the collection was a mockery of minimum wage workers, McEmployees demanded that Moschino formally apologize to each of them. After shots were fired, the […]

Kardashian Takeover

The unthinkable has happened! Kim Kardashian has been lusting after a spot on the cover of Vogue for a while now, but she got much more than that. Kardashian has officially been named editor-in-chief of every fashion lover’s bible. The news has taken many by surprise and the consensus among readers is confusion. The question […]