Drexel runs out of money, UPenn to absorb University

Facing severe financial troubles, Drexel University has announced that the University of Pennsylvania will be absorbing Drexel. As Drexel explaineds in a press release, this move will allow Drexel to pay off $700 million of debt accrued from paying university executives with UPenn’s endowment.

How John Frye spends his millions

On March 14, Drexel University President John Frye released a statement addressing recent student concerns regarding his revenue. This message was sent to the Drexel community following a report of President Frye’s salary on Feb. 16.  “I am pained that many students have expressed their views that I am unworthy of $2 million each year,” […]

Freshman lost in Main Building finally speaks out following rescue

Navigating a new school can be a challenge for many new students, but few will face an interior layout as complex as the one braved by Drexel students with classes in the historic Main Building. Aptly named for its many purposes as a joint space for classes, the performing arts, administrative office spaces, and more, […]

What the FUCK is your FUCKING major??

Question 1) Which type of water bottle would you carry around campus on your way to your 9 a.m. class after halloweekend? Question 2) Scenario: You booked a study room at the library for 12 p.m. and saw a group of students still eating Wawa inside at 12 p.m. How would you react? Question 3) […]

Drexel spends $500 million to buy 30th Street Station

In a move that has left students scratching their heads and commuters bewildered, Drexel University has announced its acquisition of the iconic William H. Gray III 30th Street Station for a staggering $500 million. University officials unveiled their grand plan to transform the bustling transportation hub into the ultimate student center, complete with gourmet dining […]